The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have hired Tyler Oberly as the club's new Director of Analytics. Oberly previously wrote analytically-angled articles for The Sideline View. Oberly's prior work also includes a paper where he looks at "the historical context of the NFL to determine how similar today’s game is to that of the past."

As is seemingly the case with most professional sports teams (especially in football), the Buccaneers have been fairly secretive with regards to the presence of analytics within the organization. As of this writing, the Bucs have not officially made any announcement of the hiring. Furthermore, the Bucs' website does not list any other "analytics" people in its front office. 

In early 2013, the Bucs' SB Nation site featured an article on how the team "practices 'Moneyball' and uses analytics, too." This would suggest Oberly is coming to an already-functioning department.

Yet, in mid-2013, the team posted a job opening for an "Entry Level Analytics" position with the main responsibility to "build [the] department".  If the Bucs do already have an analytics department, it is new and small.

Will Oberly be building a new department? Or is he coming in to manage and grow an existing group?

Whatever the answer may be, one thing is now certain - the Bucs believe in the value of analytics enough to invest in it.

UPDATE: A source who interviewed with the Bucs before this past season has informed me that the team "started [the analytics department] last season with one full-time intern and were planning on 'seeing how it went'."

Apparently it went pretty well.