The hottest development in the analytics world?  Player tracking. 

All NBA stadiums are equipped with SportVU technology.  SportVU relies on high-speed cameras and missile tracking technology to monitor and record the movement of players and the basketball.  At Sloan, Major League Baseball announced it will begin tracking player movement such as baserunning, fielding routes, and more.

In America, player tracking is fairly revolutionary and uses advanced video cameras to track movement.

Overseas, however, player tracking has been around a bit longer and uses GPS systems to track movement.

GPSports, an Australian company founded in 2000, tracks player movement (among other things) by placing GPS devices on the players. 

GPSports provides clients with advanced hardware (SPI HPU unit) and software (SPI IQ) to achieve two goals: (1) maximize athletic performance and (2) minimize injuries. 

The hardware consists of GPS tracking devices along with docking stations and carrying cases.  The software consists of technology used to both report and analyze the data provided by the hardware.  This data can provide insight on variables such as distance covered, maximum speed, average speed, heart rate metrics, impact forces, and more.

GPSports’ impact can be seen in the Champions League tournament, where five of the eight quarterfinalists train with GPSports technology.

The five teams currently in contention for the 2014 Champions League title, to be played May 24 in Lisbon, Portugal, are: Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid, Paris Saint-Germain, FC Barcelona, and Chelsea FC.

“We’re excited to work with more than half of the final eight teams in this elite event,” said GPSports founder and Managing Director Adrian Faccioni.  “The success of these teams says a lot about the quality of our SPI HPU unit and SPI IQ software and we can’t wait to see one of these five teams hoisting the Champions League trophy in May.”

Of the thirty-two teams that started the tournament, nine used GPSports as a key component of their training regimen.

GPSports also works with the reigning Europa League champions (Chelsea FC), Super Bowl champions (Seattle Seahawks), NRL champions (Sydney Roosters) and Rugby League World Cup champions (ARL Kangaroos).