Daily Fantasy Sports

The days of full fantasy seasons are becoming long gone, especially in baseball. With 162-game seasons and daily games, maintaining a fantasy baseball roster for the duration of the whole season is too time-consuming and taxing.  Struggle early and you lose complete interest by mid-season; fantasy football players can also attest to this. With daily leagues, however, each day is a new opportunity to play—and win money. Daily fantasy leagues, such as Fan Duel and Draft Street, are quickly taking over the industry.

“The daily games are perhaps the biggest innovation in the last 10 years in the fantasy space.” –Chris Russo, founder and CEO of Fantasy Sports Ventures

The Edge

With hundreds and thousands of dollars up for grabs over the course of a season, players are looking for every edge possible. Some players have quit their full-time jobs and now spend their days earning full incomes through fantasy sports. When done right, fantasy sports (especially daily sports) are more of a science and less of gambling. (Legally, fantasy sports are defined as a game of skill and not luck, thereby allowing money to be spent and earned). Players often consult blogs, statistics, and much more in an attempt to set the most optimal lineup.

In baseball, analytics such as pitch preferences, righty-lefty splits , home-road splits, and others are meaningless in a full 162-game season. Over the long run, these splits hold little weight and simply don’t make an impact in roster decisions. For one game, however, these splits can be the difference between winning (and earning a hefty reward) and losing.

For those familiar with sabermetrics or advanced analytics, these metrics are nothing new. For others however, including the millions of traditional fantasy players, analytics can be rather overwhelming. For fantasy players in traditional leagues, much of their analysis is done examining mock drafts and reading what the experts are saying. In daily leagues, however, these players are left looking for some kind of guidance. Some kind of edge. A new company, DFSEdge (Daily Fantasy Sports Edge) looks to help these players by providing advice and analytics geared towards daily fantasy leagues.

Doug Anderson, the Executive MLB Editor at DFSEdge, emphasizes the impact analytics and research can have in daily leagues, specifically in baseball. 

"In traditional fantasy, it's all about the big picture. You can overlook things like trouble with lefties, struggles on the road, and other imperfections. In daily, you have to take those into account every day, as well as pay extra attention to 'day-to-day' injuries and weather reports. There is a lot more up-to-the-moment research involved in daily."

Stated in its initial press release, DFSEdge provides all levels of daily fantasy participants with “fingertips player analysis, strategy, and tools to help them make better decisions about who to play and where to play in daily fantasy sports.”

DFSEdge is filled with a team of fantasy experts, all of whom share their research and analysis daily on the site. Derek Carty, one of the team’s experts, became the youngest LABR (League of Alternative Baseball Reality) Champion in history when he was crowned champion in 2009. Carty, along with other fantasy experts, provide up-to-date information and research on daily games, lineups, strategies, and more.

In the world of fantasy, it pays to have a real edge.

For more on DFSEdge, visit their website and follow them on Twitter.