I’m excited to announce Jacob Rosen will now frequently be contributing to the website. While he will certainly write other articles, Jacob will predominantly be contributing to our newest series – Sports Analytics Roundup.

Who’s Jacob Rosen?

Jacob is a recent graduate of the University of Dayton, where he majored in applied mathematical economics. He also served as the school newspaper’s editor-in-chief and sports editor.

Currently, Jacob (an Akron native) contributes to WaitingForNextYear, a website dedicated to Cleveland sports.

Jacob is a very talented writer (and tweeter) and was a 5-star journalism recruit as rated by Rivals.com. (Not really, but he would have been if such rankings existed).

What’s Sports Analytics Roundup?

Sports Analytics Roundup will feature bi-weekly posts (every Monday and Thursday) with links to articles from other sites around the web. In addition, these posts will feature comments and thoughts from the author (likely, Jacob).

The motivation of this series is twofold:

(1) As always, and in everything else we do, our main goal is to be a valuable resource to you.

(2) Secondly, we hope to spark engagement within this growing community – engagement not only between author and reader but also between readers. Thus, we encourage you to comment with your opinions so this community can participate in thoughtful discussion.

Our first Sports Analytics Roundup post will go up tomorrow.

Stay tuned.