Editor's note: This is the first "Roundup" compiled by me, the editor. If this gets more views than all of the other ones combined, I'll fire Jacob Rosen immediately. Let's make it happen.

“Where numbers meet news”: On April 20th, the Washington Post launched its “data journalism” section under the direction of Neil Greenberg. Since then, Greenberg and his team have compiled dozens of articles.

From scanning a handful of their articles, it appears that the articles are not as “numbers-heavy” as the ones you might find on FiveThirtyEight. That’s not necessarily a knock on Greenberg and staff. It appears they’ve taken a different route - whereas FiveThirtyEight seemingly incorporates journalism into data, the Post is seemingly incorporating data into journalism. (Understandable given the Post’s background).

Athletes (Old or young? Tired or rested?): David Epstein has a fifteen minute TED talk titled “Are athletes really getting faster, better, and stronger?” Deadspin has a really neat tool that tells you how many athletes are younger than you in MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL. Simply enter your birthday and it spits out the results. (I’m older than 0% of NFL players, 0% of MLB players, 0.9% of NBA players, and 3.1% of NHL players.) The Atlantic has an article on how a Harvard Med School professor and sleep specialist (Dr. Charles Cziesler) suggests that teams should rest more, instead of practicing. (I have a feeling Cziesler is a pretty smart guy. Note to self: Take more naps.)

Creating a projection system: Dan Szymborski of the Hardball Times had a very good article titled “10 Lessons I Have Learned about Creating a Projection System.” Szymborski is an ESPN analyst and the creator of the ZiPS projection system. Szymborski first sheds light on his background and how he got started before offering valuable insights. In a time where everyone and their mothers are coming up with new projection systems, this is a nice post to keep in mind (especially if you or your mother is creating such a system).

Major “cool” points for minor league team: The Sacramento River Cats added an advanced stats page to their game notes. The page shows advanced stats (offensive and defensive) for the team’s players and provides a helpful glossary. Very cool to see - way to go, River Cats. (The River Cats are the AAA team of …. yes, Billy Beane’s Oakland A’s. Go figure.)

Basketball is my favorite sport, I like the way they dribble up and down the court: Mason Ginsberg of Bourbon Street Shots takes a look at the analytics department of the New Orleans Pelicans. Tim Sartori had a guest post on Hickory High where he evaluated assist opportunities. The smart kids over at Harvard wrote about the Spurs and ball movement. (They have an interesting graph where the Spurs are quite an outlier.) Justin Willard of GotBuckets has two articles (Part I and Part II) on spacing.

(Baseball is my favorite sport.)