College football is here and the NFL preseason is winding down. So today’s roundup begins on the gridiron.

Football: ESPN released its preseason Football Power Index, which looks to be a fascinating ranking tool. Taylor Soper profiled LegUP Analytics, a young startup bringing on-field digital technology to the high school and college level. Tim McManus reminded us how Bill Walsh predicted that an up-tempo offense like Chip Kelly's was the future of the game. A recent RotoViz podcast had data scientists Trey Causey and Boris Chen discussing fantasy football and more. Wylie Wong wrote about the Houston Texas' big foray into technology. And ESPN Stats & Info shared the top stats to know from the Kenny Hill’s sensational debut for Texas A&M.

Baseball: Jason Parks of Baseball Prospectus announced his departure to take a scouting job with the Chicago Cubs. Phil Birnbaum wrote about sabermetrics and second-hand knowledge of scientific theories. FanGraphs introduced a new 50/50 WAR leaderboard for pitchers. Howard Megdal commiserated with the departure of the stolen base. Brian Mills published a new paper on how more efficient umpiring might also be to blame for declining offensive numbers. At WaitingForNextYear, I pooled together various defensive articles to show why the stats aren’t too kind to Indians outfielder Michael Brantley. And finally, I found this stat fascinating about the AL West:

Basketball: There were two great articles this week on the meaning of basketball analytics and what we actually can take from statistics. Ian Levy began the conversation at Nylon Calculus, then James Kerti had a nice follow-up post at HoopsThink. Both articles should get you thinking. Jim Cavan looked into what might be the next positional revolution in the NBA. Jim Pagels shared how the NBA offseason is indeed less popular than the actual games. Ryan Feldman dove into Kevin Love’s defensive statistics to see if Wolves owner Glen Taylor was on to anything. And Darryl Blackport wrote a really interesting piece about how long it takes for three-point shooting to stabilize.

Other: Brian Kamenetzky interviewed some key players in the future of injury prediction and prevention in sports health analytics. Noah Davis posted an interview with writer David Sally about how randomness interacts with sports. Jason Calacanis interviewed Catapult founder Adir Shiffman about the company’s massive growth. IJay Palansky shared his take on the vaunted summer of hockey analytics. Neil Paine said half of the NHL’s rumored expansion cities don’t make economic sense. And R-Bloggers’ matloff wrote about how statistics is losing ground to computer science among younger students.