SMARTEST SPENDERS: Business Week has a fascinating ranking of the smartest spenders among the 122 “Big Four” sports franchises in North America. The best two teams are the Chicago Blackhawks and the St. Louis Cardinals. The bottom two teams are the Edmonton Oilers and the Chicago Cubs. Where does your favorite team rank? Users also can change the ranking setup to change the value of playoff wins and championships.

SPORTS FANS: The New York Times has shared some fascinating data and information on sports fandom over the past week. First, Seth Stephens-Davidowitz wrote an op-ed about how fans choose their teams. Championships at young ages help to hook an individual for life. Then, as a part of The Upshot, the website released fascinating visualizations of baseball nation via Facebook data. The introduction article explained some of the interesting tidbits.

BASEBALL FRANCHISE-BUILDING: There were two awesome articles this week about MLB roster construction. Business Week’s Joshua Green had a feature on Red Sox owner John Henry. The team's co-owner and CEO called Henry "the most mathematically talented person I've ever met." And Grantland’s Jonah Keri had his debut post at FiveThirtyEight, looking into the best way to build a roster. Perhaps surprisingly, stars don’t matter necessarily that much in baseball.

NATE SILVER INTERVIEW: GeekWire's Taylor Soper spoke with Nate Silver, the data whiz and head of FiveThirtyEight. The headline: Silver recommends for young up-and-coming journalists to "work your ass off and learn how to code." He expects half of his FiveThirtyEight newsroom to be developers within the next five years.

BEST SHOOTERS, VISUALIZED: Grantland’s Kirk Goldsberry is one of the most exciting analytics writers. Every time he writes something new, you know it’s bound to be filled with unique visualizations and thoughts. His latest article: The NBA’s best shooters during the 2013-14 season. The charts offer a fun exploration into each best shooter at each zone on the court.

(BIG) DATA WORK: Dataconomy's Furhaad Shah had a post on what sports can teach us about big data. Pacific Standard Magazine's Aaron Gordon wrote about how anyone can become a data scientist. The Upshot's Megan Thee-Brenan wrote about the value of random sampling and polling. David Park shared some cautionary words about the dimensions of Big Data. And Data Science Weekly interviewed 15 different data scientists from a variety of fields.

NFL SCHEDULE: Last week, the NFL released all of the details of its 2014 preseason and regular season schedule. NumberFire’s J.J. Zachariason shared six things to know, including the toughest and easiest schedules. Daren Wilman also created some neat visualizations of the schedule, showing total team travel distance.

OTHER ANALYTICS: FiveThirtyEight’s Nate Silver shared the historical rarity of an uber-consistent professional sports career like Tim Duncan’s. Sporting News’ Warren Sharp looked into the disappearance of the NFL sack artist. The Guardian's Alex Bellos wrote about people's reaction to numbers and why they portrary different feelings. Daniel Forsyth showed how to analyze an NHL playoff game with Twitter. Bloomberg Sports released their 2014 World Cup projections. And Beyond The Box Score’s Scott Lindholm analyzed how early-season records have affected playoff odds in baseball.