In hopes of fostering discussion within the analytics community, we have launched a forum page.

A couple of quick notes:

Please be respectful. Frankly, I don't have the time to monitor what everyone says. I encourage different opinions, but please do so in a respectful manner. I trust that this won't be an issue. But if things get out of hand, I'll be forced to shut down the page.

Please don't spam. You can link to online articles if needed and related, but please don't use the forum as a place to constantly self-promote your work.

Please be patient. This is an ongoing project, and I'll evaluate it as it goes forward. Bear with me as we work through difficulties as they arise.

Please send feedback. I strongly encourage you to let me know your thoughts. I went forward with this thinking that everyone would enjoy it. But, if everyone does not see the value or need for a forum, I have no problem shutting it down. In the end, everything is for you guys (and gals).

All that said, I hope this is an initiative you will all enjoy. Let's start talking.