Topps, the historic trading cards company founded in 1938, has taken another stride in adding to the company's history.

Matthew Bleiberg, a baseball editor for the company, recently announced on Twitter that the company plans to feature the sabermetrics stat WAR on the back of players' cards, in addition to the usual statistics.

The 2013 Topps Finest Baseball pack is set to be released in early September. Interestingly, despite incorporating a new innovative statistic, the cards will feature a more "classic, old-school" as the set pays tribute to the 20th anniversary of the Topps Finest cards. The Topps Finest Baseball set originated in 1993. 

No word yet on if this is a product test to see how fans and customers react, or if Topps plans to feature this -- and more -- in future sets.

It appears that Topps understands the presence of sabermetrics in today's game and looks to implement these statistics in its cards. BaBIP is another advanced statistic that measures "Batting Average on Balls in Play."

In a time when trading cards are simply not as popular as a decade ago, this is a nice move by Topps in an attempt to rejuvenate the industry and connect with its audience.

Over the years, sabermetrics has made its way from books to front offices to broadcast booths and more.

Next stop? Baseball binders across the nation.