Boston Celtics Join NBA's Analytics Movement in Hiring Brad Stevens: "In Brad Stevens, the Celtics have an extremely intelligent coach. At Butler, Stevens became known partially for his intensive use of analytics in analyzing games and developing strategies." (Yahoo! Sports)

Drew Cannon, 23, bringing analytics to Celtics: "Brad Stevens, an admirer of the in-depth basketball analytics articles that Cannon had been writing, reached out and offered the 22-year-old a job at Butler University, ultimately making Cannon the first pure statistics-based hire on a college basketball staff. A year later, Cannon, now 23, will follow Stevens from Butler to the Celtics." (The Boston Globe)

Moneyball, Ten Years Later: So, what is “Moneyball” all about? What did I find re-reading the source material and sorting through the confusion of the book, the movie, the concept, the controversy, and the passage of time? I rediscovered one helluva book. (Athletics Nation, SB Nation)

Panicked Sabermetricians Forced To Rethink Entire Sport After Discovering They Missed At Bat From Lou Brock on August 3, 1975: "The entire field of sabermetrics was thrown into a frenzied panic Thursday after a previously undocumented at bat from former St. Louis Cardinals outfielder Lou Brock on August 3, 1975 forced sabermetricians to completely rethink their understanding of the sport of baseball." (The Onion) 

In golf's answer to Moneyball, a new breed of numbers-crunchers are changing the game: "In the game's highest ranks, player entourages (caddie, swing coach, trainer, masseuse) have swelled to include the statistician: the number-cruncher seeking answers in the data where others once found them in the dirt." (

NHL Advanced Stats Aren't So Advanced, But They're Better Than Nothing: "Hockey is just now catching up with where other sports were decades ago. Most (if not all) NHL teams count scoring chances, and some are actively working with the fancier stuff and integrating it with their "old school" scouting practices." (On the Forecheck, SB Nation)

Coach Kidd Needs to Walk the Walk: "Jason Kidd has made his mark early in his tenure as Brooklyn’s head coach with his words, but watching him turn these words into action will be a whole other challenge. Anybody can talk the talk, but walking the walk is what makes teams successful."