NHL Offseason: Analysis, statistics, and the process of gathering information: "The discourse on non-traditional statistics in sports has progressed over the years. Regardless of your standpoint, the goal of any statistic is to provide information and disregarding information is a great way to get left in the past." (SB Nation)

Embracing numbers or: Why I learned to watch the game AND use statistics: "Using statistics can help overcome some of these challenges (though they also present some different ones) by attempting to provide objective accounts of transpired events that can act as fact checking measures on what we perceive, observe and remember." (Maple Leafs Hot Stove)

The Future of Sports Analytics: "It’s clear that sports analytics is in its infancy.  In many SyncStrength presentations we discuss the past, present and future of sports analytics.  The direction is shifting from the current state of descriptive & diagnostic analytics into a prescriptive analytics space." (Sync Strength)

The Shutdown Corner: Chicago Bears look to solve old problems with new math: "But second-year general manager Phil Emery had a different way he wanted to go. Emery is well-acquainted with the new analytics and metrics, and he's known as a guy not afraid to think outside the box." (Yahoo! Sports)

What's wrong with Soccernomics? "The book Soccernomics by Simon Kuper and Stefan Szymanski contains many potential errors in the interpretation and analysis of data related to professional soccer in Europe. upon by clubs. This paper offers an explanation of the issues of most interest to professional clubs." (Daniel Altman)