The 2013 MLB Home Run Derby kicks off tonight at 8 EST from Citi Field, home of the New York Mets. Who has the most raw power?

[Isolated Power measures a hitter's raw power and is most easily calculated by subtracting a player's Batting Average from his Slugging Percentage. The following stats are the players' ISO ratings for the 2013 season.]

National League

David Wright - .203

Michael Cuddyer - .239

Bryce Harper - .259

Pedro Alvarez - .266

American League

Prince Fielder - .190

Yoenis Cespedes - .195

Robinson Cano - .229

Chris Davis - .402

Prince Fielder is the biggest surprise here, with the lowest ISO rating of all 8 players. When Fielder won the Derby in 2012, he recorded an ISO rating of .215. Chris Davis leads all 8 players with a monstrous .402 rating. Vegas sportsbooks have Davis as the favorite at 11/4 odds, while Fielder is second at 15/4.