Harold Reynolds played ten-plus years (1983-1994) in Major League Baseball, primarily with the Seattle Mariners. Reynolds was a fairly good player, accumulating three Gold Gloves and two All-Star appearances. After baseball, Reynolds made his way to ESPN, where he worked as a broadcaster. After splitting with ESPN, Reynolds moved over to MLB.com and MLB Network, where he's been since its debut in 2009. 

Reynolds, a former player, tends to lean heavy on the "scouting" side of the mythical "scouts vs. stats" debate. (The two are compatible, despite what Harold and others may believe.) Reynolds also says, well, a lot of dumb things. Sometimes, they are factually inaccurate. Sometimes, they just don't make any sense. And sometimes, we'll pull together a handful of his dumb comments to make a brilliant post.

[Special thanks to Jacob Rosen, who came up with the idea and helped with this first post.]